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The Heart of the Matter

By Aimée O’Grady


Business owner and community leader Marie Washington has a simple suggestion for tomorrow’s leaders: “Find something that speaks to your heart and follow it.” Washington, whose law firm has won Best Law Firm in Warrenton for the past eight years, speaks from experience. In Washington’s case, her heart lies in her community.

The Fauquier County native returned to the community she calls home after completing her academic career. Today, she is a committed volunteer to community organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and the Salvation Army. This past April, she was awarded the Be A Shield award from the Salvation Army for her impact in the community.  Washington also hopes to project the image that attorneys are normal people and that anyone needing the assistance of an attorney should not be intimidated.

Washington can also be found participating in community events such as Warrenton Town Limits and First Fridays. “I love Warrenton and Fauquier County. I grew up here and these are my roots; I don’t see myself anywhere else. I love participating in events. I think it is important for people to know there are local attorneys and they don’t have to look elsewhere,” she says.

With the number of law firms found in the area, Washington considers it to be an honor to be thought of so highly from members of the community and voted Best Law Firm for yet another year. “There are many very good firms in our region, I am flattered to be regarded so highly,” Washington says.

She is deeply committed to encouraging tomorrow’s leaders and conducts the junior judges program in the community’s elementary schools to better equip young children from discerning right from wrong. She is also involved with older students and conducts a summer legal seminar program in both private and public high schools to help spark an interest in legal careers. Washington volunteers during career fairs by permitting students to shadow her. She is an advocate for young women interested in careers in the legal profession and is a positive role model for them.

Washington may log long hours at her firm, but when she is not working she can be found both near and far. The enthusiastic traveler enjoys representing her community worldwide and can be found posing with renowned landmarks with little pieces of home in hand, whether it is the local paper or even a Lifestyle Magazine. For quieter times at home, she enjoys fitness with her Great Pyrenees, Cody, and spending time with her parents who still live in Washington’s childhood home.

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